First time home buyers, Son-Hee Lyu and Jerome Kim were moving from Los Angeles to Marin County. They didn’t know anything about the area, so they were entirely dependant upon Jim Maloney to help them through the process as well as educating them on the intricacies of the Marin market.

What was the hardest part of the process?
“We were bidding on houses almost weekly for over six months.”

So what surprised you most about the buying process?
“How different the market as compared to Los Angeles. Everyone was overbidding by hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

How did Jim prepare you for the process?
“We didn’t know anything about home-buying or anything else. And we’re from Los Angeles, so Marin was completely brand new.  We didn’t understand the different regions in this area. Jim walked us through the pros and cons of Novato to San Rafael or Kentfield to Mill Valley and so on. We ultimately ended up here in Mill Valley.”

What was it like working with Jim on the search for your home?
“He’s very patient, and he stuck with us the whole time. He was responsive, very responsive and helped us with all the details that we didn’t know.”

Buying a home can be stressful. How did Jim help with the stress of the process?
“We just kept an open mind.  There’s always going to be a trade-off. Jim was very knowledgeable of all the areas, market intricacies and answered all our questions.”

So what do you like best about your home?
“We love the traditional features of the home but also the outdoors. We had a baby faun in our yard napping. That was fun for all of us.”

If you had a friend who was starting the buying process, what would you tell them about working with Front Porch?
“Jim is very patient and super responsive. He pays attention to the details even when you’re not sure what to look for. He’s a Realtor you can trust who is always looking out for your best interests.”