Six years ago when Jody and Mark Mengarelli got married, they each owned a home in Petaluma. She was renting her home while living in Mark’s but finally decided to sell it. She was emotionally attached to the home and the first time she’s sold one. Jim Maloney helped her through the process each step along the way.

What was the hardest part of the process?
“I was emotionally attached to that home. I thought I was going to live there forever. I had put a lot of money into fixing it and doing the garden.”

So when you sold it was it the peak of the market?
“It was last summer before the fires. We thought it was the peak of the market, but it wasn’t what we thought it was.”

How did Jim prepare you for the ups and downs of the market?
“We felt comfortable with Jim’s knowledge of the economies and market. He talked to us about flatlines, but we still were happy with the price that we got for it.”

What was it like working with Jim on selling your home?
“I think he’s extremely personable and he listens. He’s always there when we needed him. And he’s going to be straight and honest with you.  I felt like if I called his office, I didn’t have to wait to get an answer or email. If we were unsure about something, he would explain it until we felt comfortable.  He’s very good at explaining his philosophy and why he thinks you should do this over that.”

How did you find Jim?
“At the dog park. There was another dog owner there who when I mentioned we needed an agent, he recommended Jim.”

If you had a friend who was starting the process of selling their home, what would you tell them about working with Front Porch?
“We’ve worked with a lot of realtors, and we trust and like working with Jim best. It’s all about the customer service he provides, and you definitely feel that. I would recommend him to anybody just in a heartbeat.”