First time home buyer’s Hannah and Bryan Stitt were looking to purchase a home in the very competitive market of San Francisco. They wanted something close to work and with a view; not an easy task in San Francisco.

The whole process took over six months with Karen Robertson Strain guiding them through the process. In the end, they found a home with the view they wanted as well as being close to work. Here is their story.

What was the hardest part of the process?
“It’s so awful when you don’t get the first house that you bid on.”

So what surprised you most about the buying process?
“We knew the buying market here in San Francisco was insane. Karen guided us through the SF comps with expertise so  that we knew  when we put an offer in it would reflect the recent sales of like properties even though the trend in the City is to list low to generate multiple offers”

How did Karen prepare you for the process?
“She told us that depending on what town or neighborhood you are looking in; you can have a totally different market and competition. Karen prepared us for the process we were going to be experiencing here in San Francisco.”

What was it like working with Karen on the search for your home?
“Karen was great at working with our different schedules. She would show my husband the home first and then show it again when I got off work. It was a lot of extra work for her, but it helped to have the flexibility.”

Buying a home can be stressful. How did Karen help with the stress of the process?
“She was there for us through all our endless questions. She had to do some hand-holding, and she gave us support throughout the entire process and even after we closed.”

So what do you like best about your home?
“The view. We were disappointed when we lost the bids on several other homes, but we’re happy we found and won this one.”

If you had a friend who was starting the buying process, what would you tell them about working with Front Porch Realty Group?
“I would tell them that they’re really good at working with first-time home buyers. Karen was patient with us through all our questions and explained the process to us as we got through the searching, biding and closing process. I feel like first-time home buyers get extra hand-holding when working with Karen.”