Amanda and Mike Chavez were about to have their first baby and to purchase their first home. They wanted to provide a home for their new baby even in a tough and competitive market. Brook Terhune helped them through the process and into a house they’re proud to call their home.

What was the hardest part of the process?
“We weren’t pregnant yet, but we were planning on it, and it was a very stressful year for us.”

So what surprised you most about the buying process?
“We had neighborhoods that were ideal and ones we didn’t want to move into. This neighborhood we live in now is one that we didn’t prefer as I grew up here. I didn’t see myself moving back here.”

How did Brook prepare you for the process?
“Brook did a really good job, actually, from the beginning going over all the details of what we wanted.  She asked us a lot of questions to understand what we were looking for like, ‘What are you looking for?’ or, ‘What are your must-haves? and What can do without?’ So we looked at a lot of places.”

What was it like working with Brook on the search for your home?
“It was a really stressful experience, but a great experience. And Brook was there for us every step of the way. She was patient with us. She was always there on weekends, nights, or whatever else we needed.”

Buying a home can be stressful. How did Brook help with the stress of the process?
“She said she would show us places that maybe we didn’t think were right, or in neighborhoods, we didn’t think we wanted, just so that we could say, ‘Yes,’ or, ‘No,’ and then she’d know what we liked. She’d show us houses and say, ‘What do you like about this house?’ and, ‘What do you not like?’ It really helped us narrow it down to this house.”

So what do you like best about your home?
“The backyard. It needs work, but we are excited about the possibilities. And now that we are here, we’re very happy with this neighborhood.”

If you had a friend who was starting the buying process, what would you tell them about working with Front Porch?
“Being first-time home buyers, I think she understands what that situation is like and how that can be. And so I think she’s especially good working with first-time home buyers. And with all the little things, she just made us feel very comfortable through the whole process.”