Ken was raised in Pennsylvania, graduated from Penn State University with a BS Degree in Marketing with minor in Women Studies, and moved to San Francisco in 1996.

He has had a very successful career with a global consulting company for the past 21 years in various senior roles in procurement and talent management, negotiating large multi-million dollar contracts and optimizing cost management. Ken has an immense passion for real estate that goes back a few decades when he was involved in developing a niche boutique resort in Las Vegas. Ken takes great pride in building long lasting relationships by taking time to understand what the customer is seeking and how to provide the best opportunities. He is extremely familiar with West Marin, West Sonoma, San Francisco and Palm Springs markets with a special emphasis on coastal properties.

Ken has lived with his husband, John and their four legged daughter, Sophia in Dillon Beach since 2012. They are former foster parents in Marin and Sonoma County. Ken loves Real Estate and is keenly client centric.